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Massages Deep Tissue / Sports Massages: Firm sustained finger pressure to target the deepest layers

Deep Tissue Massage uses deep and sustained finger pressure and slow, firm strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage works by targeting the deepest layers of your muscle tissue, tendons and fascia, the connective tissue fibres that form a protective layer to stabilize, enclose and separate muscles, bones and joints.

It is ideal for treating sore, strained and over-worked areas and is effective at treating chronic pain, including old injuries that cause stiffness or pain.

Deeper work can also be relaxing — it is the feeling of Good Pain. Because of this, Deep Tissue Massage is a great choice if you like a firm massage but do not need Remedial Treatments.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage at Coast to Country

Because Deep Tissue massage often focuses on particular areas of need, a 30-minute session may only target one or two areas of your body.

Even though the massage is deeper, the strokes are performed with care and always with your pain threshold in mind.

We work with a pressure scale so you control how deep the massage is. Please communicate with your therapist about the pressure you are comfortable with.

Techniques used in Deep Tissue are Swedish, Trigger Point and Myofascial release.

Deep Tissue, Hot Rock and Relaxation Massage are often combined.

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