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Massages Corporate Massages: Healthy, happy staff in Toowoomba, Gatton and the Lockyer Valley

Healthy staff = Healthy business: Imagine your team happy, healthy and focused!

Your workplace can benefit from better health, improved posture and less days off work with our Corporate Massage Program.

We provide all of the therapies listed on our website including Core Restore classes. Additionally, we are also available to provide educational talks to your team as well as provide postural assessments and advice.

Coast to Country offers individually tailored packages to small, medium and large businesses to better suit your needs.

Relax, reward and revive your team: Reduce absenteeism, increase retention and improve productivity

Stress, depression, anxiety and pain are major issues for business productivity and staff morale. Stressful working environments may increase staff fatigue and burnout, staff turnover and workplace errors whilst decreasing productivity and customer service.

Studies have shown that after receiving a massage people are more relaxed, more alert, are able to think faster, more clearly and more accurately and experience reduced anxiety and depression.

Corporate Massage can benefit your business by increasing the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Many employers have experienced increasing levels of absenteeism as a result of stress and sick leave. Don't let this impact your business!

With regular maintenance by our professional massage therapists we can help to reduce the negative effects of stress, pain and muscular tension and improve the overall workplace environment.

Your employees will benefit from reduced tension, fewer headaches, and increased health and wellbeing so they can focus on their work, rather than pain and anxiety.

Corporate Massage Program: Help us help your staff and help your business

Do you have a staff member going through some issues? Have they been doing the job of two people and deserve some recognition? Are they stressed or in pain and taking time off work because of this?

The Coast to Country Corporate Massage Program might be just what you need.

The Corporate Massage Program is ideal for:

Key Research

Each year, stress-related claims cost Australian businesses over $200 million. Research commissioned by Medibank Private showed that 53% of Australian workers feel over-whelmed with stress and pressure.1

In Western Australia, over the four years leading up to 2004, there was a 26% increase in the total number of compensation claims for work-related stress. Furthermore, the proportion of lost-time claims associated with work-related stress increased by 31% since 2000/01 2

Physical benefits of Corporate Massage for your staff

The Corporate Massage Program at Coast to Country can bring your business immediate benefits through increased productivity and improved staff morale.

Upgrades and extensions

We're always more than happy to offer extra time and upgrade massages.

The extra time will be at the staff member's expense. For those wishing to extend their massage, EFTPOS and HICAPS are available. Please advise our staff when making the appointment.

How does the Coast to Country Corporate Massage Program work?

Signing up for the Corporate Massage Program is simple.

Please notify us of any special requests or occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Each pack has an expiry date 6, 12 or 24 months respectively.

We will invoice your company and once payment is received you will receive a welcome pack including all massage vouchers. Please read our simple Terms and Conditions below.

The cost to your business may be tax deductible, so please consult your accountant.

Terms & Conditions

24 hours notice of cancellation is required.

Please make your staff aware that if they fail to keep an appointment without giving 24 hours notice of cancellation (except for exceptional circumstances), then they will be required to pay for that treatment.

Our highly skilled and professional massage therapists are in high demand and are regularly booked out, so advanced bookings are recommended. While we will always make every effort to help you out, massage appointments requested on short notice are subject to availability.

Appointments must be used within the specified time frame. We will notify you of any unused appointments before the expiry of your program.

Massages can be used by whoever your business chooses to nominate. Details of who has used the appointments will be kept and forwarded to your business upon completion of their program.

Massages received by your staff in the Corporate Massage Program are independent of all other in-house Coast to Country promotions and upgrades.

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