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Biomesotherapy / Saline Needling Advanced homotoxicology to stimulate good health and relieve pain

Biomesotherapy is a safe, effective and natural treatment for nerve pain and irritation, joint pain and inflammation, and for problems with muscles, tears and spasms.

Biomesotherapy is an advanced form of homotoxicology which encourages your body to heal itself by stimulating your natural healing processes.

Symptoms are not an illness, they are a sign your body is out of balance.

Pain is an important warning that something is wrong in the body — the primary goal of all homeopathy is to address and treat the source of your pain.

Benefits of Biomesotherapy / Saline Needling Safe and effective advanced homeopathic therapy

Biomesotherapy / Saline Needling is an effective treatment for a number of conditions, including:

Biomesotherapy Techniques

People are often pleasantly surprised at the ease of Biomesotherapy treatments.

Saline is inserted just under the skin or into specific muscle points. Some of these points are trigger points or acupuncture points. Acupuncture points are derived from ancient Chinese medicine, while trigger point therapy has its origin in the USA.

The saline needling technique used in Biomesotherapy is surprisingly painless and can have dramatic healing effects on your nervous, lymphatic and immune systems.

Our Biomesotherapy practitioners have a duty of care as professional clinicians and adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of treatment.

Treatment is safe and effective and there is little discomfort, as the the needles used to administer the sterile solution are very fine, much like acupunture needles.

Combining Biomeotherapy with Kinesio Taping and Chiropractic can achieve remarkably fast results for soft tissue trauma, sprains and strains.

What is homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is a refined form of homeopathic medicine which stimulates your body's natural healing process through the injection of natural, sterile solutions under your skin.

Homotoxicology not only alleviates the symptoms of your condition, but also helps your body to regain important regulatory systems necessary for good health.

The benefits of homotoxicology have been shown in the treatment of millions of people worldwide, and are supported by almost 100 clinical trials.

Is Biomesotherapy the treatment for you?

How does Biomesotherapy / Saline Needling work?

Biomesotherapy / Saline Needling is a safe, effective treatment and involves:

The medicines used in Biomesotherapy may not be as effective as prescribed drugs in the short term, so more than one treatment may be necessary for initial improvement.

Three or more sessions may be required before the results are comparable to prescription drugs, however many patients receive immediate relief from pain and discomfort after their first treatment.

If your pain is recent it may be treated in two or three sessions. If the pain has been present for months or even years, it may take several more treatments.

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