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Animal Chiropractic: Better healthcare for your animals with Qualified Animal Chiropractic in Gatton, Rosewood, Esk, Allora and Oakey

Coast to Country Chiropractic provides safe, effective and 100% natural Animal Chiropractic treatments for all creatures, great and small.

A healthy moving animal is a happy animal: Qualified Animal Chiropractors at Coast to Country Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic can help your pets and animals to:

Small changes in joint movement all add up to sore muscles and an underperforming animal. A normal moving joint should not stop working without a reason.

Have you noticed a change in:

Expert treatment from our fully qualified Animal Chiropractors can help.

Benefits of Animal Chiropractic

Why do I need a Qualified Animal Chiropractor?

Qualified Animal Chiropractors know when not to adjust and when to refer to a vet.

If force is applied in the wrong direction it may compress bone on bone and cause soft tissue injury.

The angle of the joint is specific to each region of the body and varies from animal to animal so, to prevent further injury, always use a qualified Animal Chiropractor.

Should I choose a Vet or Animal Chiropractor?

Nothing should replace your Vet as the primary health care provider for you animal.

As qualified Animal Chiropractors we will assist wherever possible to complement the work of your Vet. Always ask for a fully qualified Animal Chiropractor to examine your animal, but if your animal needs to see a Vet, it needs to see a Vet.

Animal Chiropractic techniques and treatments

Our Animal Chiropractic techniques were learned from the world's premier Animal Chiropractic College — Options for Animals in Wellsville, Kansas, USA.

Drs Matt and Sharith completed an intensive course in the USA which has equipped them with gentle adjusting skills for both small and large animals.

We care for animals at the clinic or in the comfort of your own property. A call out fee is charged but may be waived if you have a number of animals which need to be seen.

The entire spine and limbs are examined to identify restricted movements.

Additional therapies that may be used include Saline Needling, Microcurrent, Kinesio Taping, gentle stretches and muscle releases.

It may take a number of treatments before an animal shows visible signs of improvement. In some instances, your animal may display soreness after a treatment, though this should settle with rest.

Either way, you are always more than welcome to contact us if you have any concerns. The number one rule is there are no blanket rules. We treat every animal on a case-by-case basis.

The most recent problems or injuries often respond more quickly to the treatment, while long-standing problems may require more extensive treatments.

We recommend regular maintenance treatments to achieve better health and longevity for your animals. All of this will be discussed with you after the initial examination and treatment.

If we don't think we can help you, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Animal Chiropractic Clinic Locations

Come to us at the Gatton Equestrian Centre or we can come to you.

Mobile clinics are being held at Rosewood, Esk, Allora and Oakey.

Group bookings and home visits are available.

Call now on (07) 5411 4017 to schedule an appointment.

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